$15 8 Ounce Cosmo Round Bottles, PET Plastic Empty Refillable BPA-Fr Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories Empty,Round,8,$15,Bottles,,Ounce,Cosmo,Plastic,/descrier1735910.html,BPA-Fr,PET,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,www.yuranuseducation.com,Refillable 8 Ounce Cosmo Round Our shop OFFers the best service Bottles Refillable Empty BPA-Fr Plastic PET $15 8 Ounce Cosmo Round Bottles, PET Plastic Empty Refillable BPA-Fr Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories Empty,Round,8,$15,Bottles,,Ounce,Cosmo,Plastic,/descrier1735910.html,BPA-Fr,PET,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,www.yuranuseducation.com,Refillable 8 Ounce Cosmo Round Our shop OFFers the best service Bottles Refillable Empty BPA-Fr Plastic PET

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8 Ounce Cosmo Round Bottles, PET Plastic Empty Refillable BPA-Fr


8 Ounce Cosmo Round Bottles, PET Plastic Empty Refillable BPA-Fr

Product description


Pack of 12 empty, reusable, and refillable squeeze bottles with black/natural twist top dispensing caps. Cosmo Round/Bullet shaped bottles are made of BPA-free PET plastic. Bottle capacity is 8 ounces. Bottle height: 6.73" (171mm). Diameter: 1.85" (47mm). Cap size is 24/410 and made of BPA-free LDPE. Twist top to open or close. Cap base is black with ribbed texture, and twist top part is natural color. Lightweight packaging. Use for travel and homemade products, shampoo, conditioner, hair color, body soaps, paints, ink, art supplies, cleaning supplies, diluted essential oils, dish soap, hair treatments, and other liquids. Made in USA

8 Ounce Cosmo Round Bottles, PET Plastic Empty Refillable BPA-Fr

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