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Android Magnetic Calbe NXET 2021 autumn and winter new Micro Fast Cable Ultra-Cheap Deals USB Charg

Android Magnetic Calbe, NXET Magnetic Micro USB Cable Fast Charg


Android Magnetic Calbe, NXET Magnetic Micro USB Cable Fast Charg

Product description

Color:1.2 Metre Silver

Important Note:

This cable only AUTHENTIC sold by NXET US, Please report it fake to Amazon if you receive it from other sellers. And we also will be not responsible for the defective cable provided by others. If you have any issues when you are using this cable, pls contact us via amazon email, we promise to solve your issues via communication

Additional Features:

LED INDICATOR LIGHT. The LED light will turn on when cable charging. (Note: This is not smart LED, the light will not change color or turn off when it complete charging)

Android Magnetic Calbe, NXET Magnetic Micro USB Cable Fast Charg

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