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Complete Free Shipping Beaded Phone New product type Lanyard Wrist Strap Bead Bohemian Colorful Ch

Beaded Phone Lanyard Wrist Strap Bohemian Colorful Bead Phone Ch


Beaded Phone Lanyard Wrist Strap Bohemian Colorful Bead Phone Ch

Product Description

phone charm strap

Beaded Phone Charm Strap

  • The dangly phone charms that dominated Y2K era accessories are making a subtle comeback in this summer.
  • Beaded and colorful cell phone lanyard evoked a sense of playfulness while retaining the vibrant aesthetic synonymous with that era.
  • Up your mirror selfie game with our Y2K inspired colorful beaded phone strap!

Beaded Phone Lanyard Wrist Strap Bohemian Colorful Bead Phone Ch


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