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5 Best Courses to Study in Australia

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As a culturally vibrant country, Australia has a lot more to offer than scenic beaches and supreme quality of life. Where the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Great barrier Reef attract tourists from all over the world, Australia’s premier universities offering courses in a variety of disciplines are home to students of varying nationalities. Some of the Australian universities have secured their place in the top 100 universities of the world and offer courses in management, engineering, medicine, humanities and law among others. Scholarships and other aids offered to international students have made Australia a much favoured student destination. In addition to offering a large number of courses across multiple disciplines, Australia has steered ahead of other countries in the education sector by providing quality education to its rising number of students.

With abundant options available, choosing the right course can be a little overwhelming. Since electing a stream naturally decides the course of your career, it is of utmost importance to make a well-informed decision. We have put together a list of 5 top courses offered in Australia that will open many avenues of opportunities for you.


The engineering domain has seen tremendous progress in the last few decades which is only expected to grow at an exponential pace. Discoveries and advancements in the field have lured technology enthusiasts towards it from all over the world. Australian Universities offer job-oriented courses that adhere to world-standard curriculums and are recognized globally. The universities offering courses in engineering are The University of Melbourne, The University of New South Wales, The University of Queensland with specializations in civil, electrical, mechanical, computer and information systems, and biomedical streams.

Medicine and Health Studies

The field of medicine is as rewarding as it is noble. Owing to the significance of the field, Australian universities have paid careful attention while designing the curriculums of professional health courses to meet world standards. The top universities offering courses in the healthcare field are The Australian National University Medical School (ANUMS), University of Melbourne, Monash University with both undergraduate medical programs and graduate-entry medicine programs. The universities are recognized globally as leaders in health research and practices with special focus on both clinical and research skills training.

Business and Management

Australian universities are some of the most sought-after institutes by both students and recruiters across the globe when it comes to business management programs. Melbourne Business School at The University of Melbourne, Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM)at the University of New South Wales, College of Business and Economics at Australian National University and La Trobe Business School at La Trobe University are only some of the colleges in Australia that are respected worldwide for their thought leadership in management studies. These universities have earned their eminent academic reputation through meticulously designed curriculums that offer specializations in marketing, finance, strategy and business analytics.

Computing and Information Science

Developments in science and technology have paved way for monumental rise in the significance of computer science and IT degree programs with rewarding job opportunities laid across multiple geographical locations and technological specializations. These courses aim at developing theoretical foundations and equip students to further pursue specializations in the currently thriving areas of artificial intelligence, information databases, IT security etc. Globally recognized and valued courses in the field of computer sciences is offered by many reputed Australian universities including The University of Melbourne, The Australian National University, The University of New South Wales and The University of Sydney.


Accounting professionals are some of the highest paid working professionals and hence, the finance and accounting field, with its promises of a rich life and a fulfilling career, is aspired for by a number of students. A degree in accounting familiarizes students with the concepts of taxation, financial dealings, business’s economic practices, bookkeeping etc. These globally accredited degree programs prepare students for professional accounting roles in organizations within and outside Australia and are offered by The University of New South Wales, The University of Sydney and The Australian National University.

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