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5 Reasons why France Qualifies as the Best Destination Learning

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If France is all about Eiffel tower, music, and museums, beautiful cities, cosmopolitan life, and french fries. You are wrong. Very few of us are informed about how France could prove as the best destination for international students who aspire to broaden their knowledge horizons in the higher education. There is a reason why France has claimed one of the top spots in the best cities to study higher education, and we are here to explain exactly why.

1. A host of Attractive Scholarships

Just like any other place, institutions in France have different cost structures. There is a difference of fees between public and private universities. Nevertheless, studying in France could be a steal if one wishes to go for higher education in one of the schools in France because of the scholarships available for international students. The scholarships have you covered even if you are on a tough budget.

Government Scholarship that International Students could avail

  • The Eiffel Scholarship launched in 1999, was meant to attract best skills and most meritorious international students. In the present day, however, the program doesn’t offer scholarships to cover tuition fees, but monthly allowances are well-received and cover miscellaneous expenses.
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarship that covers living expenses, travel, education, insurance for majors and ph.D. students.
  • Lie- De- France masters Scholarships give priority to students hailing from priority areas and upcoming areas like Asia, the middle east, eastern Europe, etc.

University Scholarship available for International Students

  • Centrale Nantes covers 50 percent tuition fee reduction (12000 to 6000 euros) for a two-year program.
  • The Ecole Central Paris Graduate Fellowship extends four merit-based scholarship to international students and students from priority areas, annually.
  • SciencesPo Emile Boutmy Scholarship is awarded on merit basis and extends a variety support, including waiver of the tuition in full or partially.
  • HEC Paris extends support to the international students on merit and background as criteria.
  • INSEAD grants scholarship under a duo category of financial requirement and profile or merit. Professional background, goals, country of origin are some factors that come into play.
  • The ISM Global Leadership Scholarship is meant to award MBA candidates from Africa, Mexico, North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, Australi, Pakistan, India, and the Pacific Islands.

Scholarships for Students From the U.S.

  • Fulbright Scholarships: It is the largest international Exchange program that covers travel, research, meals, medical service, for the students aspiring to get a major in any course. The Scholarship is available for doctoral research projects and training too.

2. Be a Part of the Most Influential Education System

In the international education landscape, France marks itself at a unique position according to ‘The Guardian.’ France universities consider egalitarianism a prerogative; its funding opportunities are attractive, thereby further reinforcing its preference to the universal right to higher education. Universities in France enable exploring cross-curriculum opportunities and fosters its commitment in the field of higher education for international students. France is, therefore, a zen place that facilitates a dynamic and competitive educational system you just can’t miss being a part.

3. You do not Compromise with the English Language anywhere.

France has been flexible in the language of the various course that universities provide. It is for the same reason that a bill is under consideration with the Parliament to incorporate more and more courses in the English language as the medium of teaching and learning. With that France has set itself for higher ranks among the top countries for higher education since English as a medium of learning will lead to an influx of more international students.

4. French is a Beautiful Language to add to your Lexicon.

French is a lexicon sister to English. An English speaker can always figure most French words because of the similarity both the languages share. Linguists claim that French has inspired up to a third of modern English. All of these establish that French deserves a place on your tongue.

5. Culturally- enriched Urban Space you Must Experience

When it comes to culture and beauty in antiquity, France tops the list. The way it boasts its art galleries, music, museum, designer clothing, and not to forget- Wine, we know France is the best destination for higher education if you are looking for an environment with iconic culture.

Job Outlook in France

Institutions in France have very well collaborated with the top companies. Together the companies and agencies of higher education provide the best and most attractive of placement opportunities. The network that the institutions and corporations display is evident of the fact that students with french degrees have a long way to go when it comes to job hunt. Thanks to the French government which has mandated employability in its recent declaration.

All these reasons make France one of the most engaging, educative, winning, and therefore most sought-after destinations for higher education.

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