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6 Reasons Why Europe Is Best For Studying Abroad

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Studying abroad has its charm, and some of the most-appreciated benefits include opportunities to explore an array of beautiful cultures, learn new languages, experience the different teaching methodologies, and create an unforgettable memory.

Lately, Europe has been on the radar of every advisor and student alike, and there’s one too many good reasons for the surge in interest to study there. When one thinks of Europe, a few trademarks pop up in the mind – jaw-dropping architecture, magnificent history, languages that spell out romance, delectable cuisine, and the list goes on… For someone who wants to have an adventure in every possible sense, Europe is a haven brimming with possibilities.

And it’s not just the bonuses outside the classroom which make Europe interesting. European countries hold the record for some of the most honoured and profoundly admired education systems in the world, yielding to a respected qualification at the end of your studies.

Here are 6 prominent (and fun!) reasons to study in Europe and gain familiarity with a potpourri of cultural extravaganza:


Europe has few of the strongest and most successful education regimens in the entire world. In 2014, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the U.K made it to the list of top countries for international studies. Furthermore, Finland, the UK, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Poland featured in the list for top 10 education systems in the world, according to a survey by Pearson.

If you’re worried about tuition costs, many European countries want to grow as higher education powerhouses, and thus offer options of scholarships, bursaries, and subsidized tuition fees to allure international students. For example, Sweden has zero tuition fees for EU students! It’s best to research and find out feasible alternatives related to the course of your choice.


Fun fact: Did you know that Sweden is the abode of all things tech and software that you use on a daily basis? Skype, Spotify, Minecraft, Angry Birds, and yes, even Candy Crush originated from European countries, specifically Sweden and Finland, also known as technological hubs of the continent.


Europe has a rich and comprehensive history that is perfectly complemented with spectacular architecture, and ancient yet stunning ruins of the past; appealing mostly to individuals with a taste for modern and contemporary design. For students interested in history, architecture, or archaeology, Europe is a treasure chest overflowing with both knowledge and adventures.


Europe comprises of approximately 50 countries, all of them varying with regards to customs, lifestyle, traditions, language, historical monuments, and much more! There’s no way that you run of things to try, or places to see. With sun soaked mountains of the south, a thriving nightlife, and pristine beaches, studying here is anything but boring. Additionally, there’s no need to catch a plane or cross the oceans to seek them. With “InterRail”, it’s easy to commute through Europe. It’s a popular option that involves traveling via trains and is used by both students and travelers alike, for a smooth journey across the borders. Bonus: It’s pretty cheap and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket!

Europe also bears the reputation for having a rather relaxed and laidback approach to life. While this fact in no manner presumes that individuals in these countries are ignorant to the meaning of hard work (it’s totally opposite, in fact!), it’s mainly to highlight the relaxed and carefree attitude that’s evident in aspects pertaining to socializing, partying, consumption of appetizing food and alcohol, and making merriment.


From learning a new language to honing your skills in pottery or painting, Europe has something to offer everyone who arrives at its doors. Besides, there’s no better time to learn a new language and fully submerge yourself in a city where it’s prominently spoken. Knowing more than one language can be profitable as it can perk up your CV, open up the likelihood of working at different places, and make friends easily. European educational institutes also offer courses that enrich and develop an individual’s personality, like wine making, cooking, arts, history, etc.


With numerous international businesses setting up headquarters in Europe, it’s easier to find new and exciting prospects of landing the job of your dreams. There are ample opportunities for graduates as newfangled markets and businesses foray into the continent. Plus, language skills, adaptability in consideration to different locations and cultures, knowledge and a keen eye for excellence – these all factors are significant in making a name and home for yourself in this beautiful continent.

If, by now, you’ve already been enticed, it’s time for you to grab your passport, reach the shores of Europe, and say “Hola!” or “Salut!” to study, enjoy life, and have a memorable time.

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