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8 Great Areas With Rising Job Opportunities in Australia

Post By Yuranus Education

A decision to work abroad is believed to be one of the greatest and can become a great ordeal at times for many. Creating a new life for you needs detailed research of the targeted place and available opportunities.

Nevertheless, if your choice of country is Australia, you have decided the right place for yourself. Settling and working in Australia is not extremely challenging. Australia is considered the world’s leading emigrant destination with good economic growth, low unemployment, high salaries and laid-back lifestyle.

Australia is a land of candid opportunities that does not make it difficult for the immigrants to look for an apt job. Australia has been able to entice skillful workers into a diversity of areas to enable graduates and qualified professionals to explore the affluence of opportunities and some of the best average salaries in the world.

We have handpicked the below eight career paths that may be demanding fresh recruitments:

1) Academicians (Teachers and Educators)
According to the sources, Australia is looking for Secondary School teachers which are the number one occupation sub-type. In the last year, the Department of Australia Immigration allocated 8,032 spots for secondary school teachers, followed by Early Childhood (Pre-primary) which is 1,822 and Special Needs teachers which is 1,126 spots. The good news is that post-qualification work experience in teaching may not be mandatorily a prerequisite for eligibility to work in Australia, but can be of an advantage.

2) Real Estate and Infrastructure Management
During the year 2016-17, the Department of Immigration has allocated 5,289 spots for construction managers. There is a strong demand for expert professionals for managing large infrastructure projects, commercial developments and high rise residential projects. The recruitment process requires a bachelor degree in this field and highly relevant post qualification experience.

3) Healthcare & Nursing
Australia faces a shortfall in the recruitment of registered nurses and midwifes. It serves as a popular choice for migrant nurses. Certain countries are not recognised by Australian authorities and the applicants will be required to undertake accredited Competency assessment courses. The application for a visa can be initiated upon completion of these courses. The last step would be engaging with an employer who may be willing to sponsor a four-year working visa for the applicant in Australia.

4) Finance Professionals
The sources indicate that the vacancies in the field of accounting and finance are anticipated to upsurge by 21,400 in the coming years, due to the downturn of positions from the GFC. Though it is also revealed that strong competition for these vacancies would require a minimum of 60 points for further consideration.

5) Skilled Craftsmen

During 2016-17, the Department of Immigration has allocated 9,345 spots for electricians. They have been identified as an area with a large skills deficiency and are presumed to grow over the next five years.

The vacancies for other trade occupations such as Metal fitters and machinists, carpenters, motor mechanics, and plumbers are in high demand too in Australia with an allocation of over 5000 spots.

6) Digital / IT Specialists
The statistics revealed by the Department of Immigration show that there is a requirement of about 100,000 ICT professionals (Computer network and systems engineers, ICT business analysts, system analysts, software engineers, an analyst and developer programmers) in Australia over the next six years. The software and app programmers are in the lead with 5,662 available spots allocated this year.

7) Advertising Work Force
Due to the recent advancements in technology, advertising is becoming popular and requires diverse digital marketing strategies apt to diverse businesses. This has created opportunities for several qualified marketing professionals and specialists in Australia.

8) Engineering
Massive growth in the civil infrastructure manufacturing, mining and defense industries have increased the demand for engineering professionals. Last year, about 2,174 spots were allocated by the Department of Immigration.


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