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Best Course To Study In Canada

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When talking about Canada, all we can imagine is the picture postcard sort of surreal beauty from sea to sea! Located right above the USA, Canada can take anyone’s breath away with its magnificent range of landscapes, glacial peaks, icy plateaus, green vegetation and sublime mountains. And, oui; it has two official languages – French and English! Besides, it’s hard forget the iconic Niagara Falls, the Banff National Park, or the Canadian Rockies, to name a few. Also, it’s the land of bagels and maple syrup!

For students aspiring to study in Canada, Montreal and Toronto are two cities that can offer the best there is. Toronto, an ethnically diverse metropolis, is also a prime center for higher education and research, harbouring many world renowned educational institutes like the University of Toronto.

The City of Saints aka Montréal, is one to stun many with its lush mix of North American and European swag + sundry culture. The 2015 QS World University Rankings presented the city as the 8th best place in the world to be a university student. Moreover, the UN has consistently ranked Canada as one of the best places in the world to live in, mainly due to its low crime rate.

Canada is also the world’s most educated country with over half of its residents being college grads, and Canadian universities are celebrated for their high quality degrees. Every year, no less than 12 universities make it to the Times Higher Education Supplement Top 200.

Students looking to study in Canada have the liberty of choosing from over 10,000 undergraduate and graduate programmes provided across approximately 92 universities + 175 community colleges.

Moreover, for those looking to enroll in postgrad study, you’ve hit gold! Canada happens to be the hub for research; and the Canadian government supports research in varied areas which include telecommunications, medicine, agriculture, environmental science, and computer tech.

Of course, it doesn’t end here. Studying in Canada is one of the best experiences a student can garner. Campuses with latest tech, Olympic-level sports facilities, art galleries, and public concert halls – these are some of the numerous attractions that students benefit from. Several opportunities exist to meet like-minded peers and chill out (no pun intended) outside the campus with activities like sailing, hiking, skiing, and sledging! Along with these fun-filled pursuits, students can feel and cherish an important aspect that Canada is famous for – friendliness and warmth of the locals.

With the plethora of courses available for study, it’s tough to zero in on one. Aspects like scholarships (both, community and university), affordability for students, and facilities like housing, travel, and cultivation of an international, distinguished perspective are prime factors when choosing a course. Want to figure out which top course to study in Canada and make the most out of it? Read further to figure out!


Petroleum engineering is a booming course worldwide. In fact, the Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada estimates that the oil and gas industry will need roughly another 10,800 petroleum engineers by 2020.

For starters, petroleum engineers are the professionals who estimate budgets and viability of drilling projects and design apt methods for extracting oil.

Petroleum engineers receive high wages; an added incentive for pursuing this career path. The average income is about $141,000 Canadian, with the top positions clocking in around $282,000. In actuality, petroleum engineering is stated as the highest paying engineering career in the world according to The qualification and knowledge required for this field is intensive and specialized education is preferred by recruiters.


University of Calgary
Alberta, Canada

This university is top league establishment for petroleum engineering courses and offers programs at all levels. Students are trained to meet the competence standards desired in the oil industries along with a strong emphasis on the practical aspects of the course. Added benefits include funding that’s extensively available as scholarships and assistantships.

University of Alberta
Alberta, Canada

This university, located in the heart of Canadian prairies offers a BSc in Petroleum Engineering. Plus, it’s the only school in Canada having international accreditation and acknowledgement. It also provides an MSc, MEng, and a PhD in Petroleum Engineering. Students are provided full access to its distinguished long-term education in its beautifully furnished facilities.

Memorial University
Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Memorial University offers an MSc in Oil and Gas Engineering, which covers both oil and natural gas engineering. Opportunities to work in an internship are a valuable part of the program. The school also imparts programs in Process Engineering, which focuses on modification of materials such as oil, for use in different products; and Environmental Systems Engineering and Management, which focuses on the remediation, environmental law, and Arctic offshore drilling.

Dalhousie University
Nova Scotia, Canada

This university provides two essential options: a MEng in Petroleum Engineering, or a MEng, or PhD in Mineral Resource Engineering with a core focus on petroleum. Both the programs impart research opportunities for students with rare and acclaimed possibilities to study top-edge challenges like offshore drilling, ocean fluids, and reservoir engineering.

University of Regina
Saskatchewan, Canada

The program offered by University of Regina is connected to the Petroleum Technology Research Centre – a facility dedicated for research into all the diverse areas of petroleum production; encompassing everything, from oil recovery to carbon storage. Its mandate includes improved petroleum recovery rates while also reducing the environmental footprint of the industry. This opportunity imparts BSc, MEng, Msc, and PhD students with top rated hands-on training.

Canada is a land to create and experience beautiful memories, all the while obtaining world-class education. To make the best out of your journey, explore Canadian culture in its full vigor by arriving a bit earlier to set in the exciting environment. But, given all the facts and stats, there’s no better place to head now for higher studies than Canada, “eh”? In true Canadian style!

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