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With New Year’s Eve around the corner, places around the globe will have super fascinating celebrations for 31st December. While many will have their plans for vacations or trips or parties sorted, with friends and family, there are international students who might have to be away from their home for New Year’s. However disheartening this may be, it’s a great opportunity for them to explore the vibrant culture of the place and celebrate the New Year’s Eve exploring exciting places and socializing with new friends.

Trump's H1B Visa Clampdown vs Trudeau's Global Skill Program blog outside

US President’s proposed new law to cut down the number of H1-B visa entrants into the US is turning out to be a blessing in disguise for Canada.  In the wake of Trump’s strict immigration policies, the Canadian government, in no time, unveiled a fast-track visa programme, for the highly skilled workers that aim to shorten the work permit and visa application process to just to two weeks.

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