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Customer Services : +91 8758 525252


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Australia is a beautiful country down south. It has a lot of scenic destinations of immense value to world tourists. But that’s not it! When it comes to education, Australia is a global leader with third highest student immigration. The higher education in Australia has a global recognition and is considered to be one of the best. Hence, preparing for an Australian Visa might turn out to be cumbersome as the process is quite hectic and demanding. If you are a student wondering how to apply for an Australian Visa, you need to read this list which has nearly all the useful information you will ever need! Make sure all the requirements are fulfilled There are many documents you will require to submit before you set foot on Australian soil. These documents are subject to change depending on universities, states and courses that you are applying for. However, you will definitely need An updated passport English Language Proficiency test Bank Balance or other proofs about how you will fund your education Pick the most suitable course and university Decide on a course and university you need to apply. Since Australia follows the UK method of education, finding the right course…

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New Delhi: The US Embassy in India has issued a warning to all the student applicants in India regarding the authenticity and procedures related to student visa to the United States of America. The US Embassy has urged the Indian students to provide authentic documents and to pay close attention to the Visa interview officer. The Fraud Prevention Manager with the US Embassy, Elizabeth Lawrence was heard stating in an open interaction with students, “A lot of students’ approach bogus visa agents in order to help them to obtain visas. We caution the students to use the right sources with EducationUSA, where they can conduct research with all programmes and courses they want to apply in US universities and make sure that they make the best of their future goals.” EducationUSA is currently present in 170 countries and it guides student applicants with necessary information regarding the country’s education system. The punishment for providing fake documents will be as severe as not being able to enter the USA again. The Fraud Prevention Manager has further urged the students to ensure the authenticity of the documents they are submitting to process the visa. The embassy does not have a specific list…

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