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IELTS – Let’s Bust the Myth!

Post By Yuranus Education

IELTS has always been a boon for the ones who have pledged to score exceptionally well, and fly abroad. Along with all of your amazing background scores, there is nothing that can take you beyond the seas except for flying colors in a language test.

IELTS has proven to be the best amongst all the other language proficiency tests, as it involves a ‘human factor’ in it. PTE is another option, which is entirely computer based, which has many hidden flaws, whatsoever.

Well, there have been many ways wherein people think that they are no less than a superhero when it comes to this language proficiency test. They join coaching institutes which empowers them to make their qualities shine, but this is not what people do these days. As said, they try to be the best at what they are, ignoring the scenario wherein their scores might get beaten up by the examiner!

Let us see some cool myth busters found these days…

1. KINDLEing around the whole day, doesn’t make you an efficient reader

Well, people are nerds when it comes to reading books and novels. Some of them involve themselves into the books to an extent wherein they see nothing else but alphabets and those fictional characters in their dreams.

Dearest people, the reading section of IELTS demands a good grip on reading, but not likely to what you have on a novel. So, had better pick some good lessons at learning how to read efficiently, and come out with flying colors in IELTS.

2. I am a writer. The writing section is a piece of cake…hell no!

Writers have a bad habit of jotting down whatever comes into their head. Well, IELTS is all about planning a set of words, and then framing them to a better picture. Every IELTS writing task follows a particular pattern, a structure wherein you have to bring out the best from you, in a way that IELTS demands.

There have been exceptional writers who have failed to achieve a good set of bands, just because there has never been a limit for words in their heads. You need to understand that writing is easy, but writing something that is demanded is tough!

3. Being a native English speaker doesn’t make you a winner, always.

Just that you are good enough at speaking, definitely makes you a good speaker, but might not buy you bands in IELTS. Speaking anything, everything and possibly senselessly, is what you need to avoid when it comes to IELTS.

You need to learn to speak less. There is no one who will spare a day to listen to you! Keep it short, keep it clean, keep it simple. Try to include a good set of vocabulary, but also make sure that you have it all relevant to whatever you are speaking. Speaking rubbish and out of matter will cost you bands!

Well, be efficient, learn it, crack it, fly!

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