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IELTS is a basic test that accesses candidates’ proficiency in English. We at Yuranus Education help you provide an unparalleled IELTS coaching in Ahmedabad. Our trainers cater to the students ‘need for formulating the curriculum and schedules in a way that suits our students’ requirement. Our dedicated and top-notch faculty has proven method and techniques to crack IELTS. From providing a wide range of preparation materials (online and offline) to unlimited query solving to intensive coaching for the crash course, we are your one-stop shop, Ahmedabad's exclusive IELTS training classes.


Know about IELTS, that takes you a step closer towards your long-cherished dream!

Most educational organizations, MNC employers, government immigration agencies in English-speaking countries need a confirmation about your skills related to the English language in order to admit you.

IELTS, International English Language Testing System, is one such widely accepted test. It is basically designed to assess the language proficiency of non-native English speakers who wish to study or work in nations where English is predominantly used for communication.

This test, which is collectively conducted by the British Council, IDP Education Pvt. Ltd. and Cambridge University for Language assessment, is accepted by most educational institutions in Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. Moreover, this test is mandatory for immigration to Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The 2 versions of IELTS


For those who wish to pursue their higher studies in other countries or apply for registration into foreign professional bodies.

General Training:

For people interested in applying for secondary education, special training programmes, work experience in foreign conditions or even for those migrating.

IELTS Test Format

With a duration of about 2 hours 45 minutes, the test is categorized into 4 modules, each one testing a unique aspect of the candidate’s verbal skills.With a duration of about 2 hours 45 minutes, the test is categorized into 4 modules, each one testing a unique aspect of the candidate’s verbal skills.

Module 1 - IELTS Listening Test (30 minutes)

The candidate will listen to 4 recordings in English spoken by the native people, after which he/she has to answer a set questions based on the audio clippings. This aims mainly at testing the understandability regarding the attitude of the speakers.

Module 2 - IELTS Reading Test (60 minutes)

This consists of the reading of the texts given to the candidate followed by the answering of questions related to each text that grade the level to which you can summarize the text and understand the basic idea behind it.

Module 3 - IELTS Writing Test (60 minutes)

The candidates shall be given 2 writing tasks which may include explaining the info provided through graphs, charts or tables, writing the letter in the prescribed format, or penning down an essay in response to a situation or opinion.

Module 4 - IELTS Speaking Test (11-15 minutes)

The examiner will ask you to speak on the everyday aspects of your life, a particular topic (for which you’ll be given a preparation time of 1-2 minutes) and ask questions related to the topic you spoke.

Note that:

The first 3 modules are to be completed at a stretch on a single day while the last test module can be given a week in advance or after the other test modules.

Scoring Pattern

A nine-band scale, ranging from Band score 1 (non-user) to Band score 9 (expert user), is used to precisely distinguish the different proficiency levels of the candidate. Each institution may have its own score limitations for its recruitment or admission.


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