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IELTS: Tips for Listening and Reading Section

Post By Yuranus Education

Getting hands on some ‘eight’ic bands in IELTS has never been a piece of cake for any candidate! Students find IELTS difficult to crack with high bands but some tips can surely lower the burden and save your time to get it. Knowing the structure for both sections can be helpful for you to score better so let’s start from the scratch.


This section consists of four subsections with each of them having 10 questions required to be wrapped up within 30 minutes. 1st and 3rd sections are in a conversational manner while the 2nd and 4th sections are in monologue manner. For general and academic, the pattern of this section will always be same.


Initially, read the all instructions carefully, that might help you to get an idea about the word usage. For example, if they instructed that you need to answer in 2 words and you use 3 words; that will be something incorrect.

Try to presume the topic that can help you to get the ideas so you can give the answers fast. The main key to get the better score is to skim through it and underline the keywords quickly.

Although as it’s listening section, it assesses your writing skills too, so keep an eye on your grammar and spelling mistakes.

While you are completing the first question, don’t check your answers even if recorder says so. In fact, go straight to the second one and start reading it. Don’t worry, you will get the transfer time of 10 minutes to check your answers later.


This section contains three paragraphs with various questions in terms of different tasks in 60 minutes. E.g. multiple choice, matching information, identifying writer’s views, matching heading etc. In IELTS academic, three long academic paragraphs are given while in general, the combination of long and short paragraphs are given. There are 40 questions which you need to answer to in order to show that you have understood the meaning.


The time management is a problem for a lot of students and most of them say that ‘matching headings’ takes more time but if you do it by order, you can save the most of your tick-tocks. Such as, if you go paragraph by paragraph and look at the list of headings, pick one which is suitable for you. So, this is how you can save time and need not read a paragraph more than once.

Most of the students make the same mistake, they stick to one difficult question which consumes more time which leads to distraction. Try avoiding it!

Figures and diagrams speak the most of it, so check them carefully if it’s given. You will get the clues of answers and keywords from them. You don’t need to understand each and every word, try to assume the meaning of that word which can help you out to get to the answers.

We hope these suggestions can help you get the desirable score!

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