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Customer Services : +91 8758 525252


GSM Subclass 485

The Subclass 485 category has been brought into action by the Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department for the students who have failed to comply with the standard GSM conditions. The students who apply for this GSM Skilled Graduate visa receive an opportunity of 18 months gain ample experience and give the necessary English language tests. Also, these students are permitted to apply for a permanent residency once they pass their GSM tests.

Eligibility Conditions

This skilled graduate immigration visa is meant for overseas students who:

  • Are not more than fifty years of age
  • Are capable of matching skills, qualifications and aptitudes fulfilling Australian standard as mentioned in SOL (Skilled Occupation List) for different professions
  • In the preceding six months completed a recognized qualification course after studying in Australian territory for at a minimum period of two years
  • SOL is a detailed list of skilled professions that are rated high in local labor market.

Power of this visa

This particular visa to Australia allows the primary as well the secondary applicant (if any) to stay in the country for a maximum of eighteen months wherein he/she can either gain some good relevant experience, improve their English language test scores, travel across Australia, and most importantly apply for a Permanent Residency.

There are a few conditions which are required to be fulfilled while applying for this visa. Once the conditions are set, you are tended to receive the visa as soon as possible. But if at all the mentioned conditions are not meeting, your application will be rejected and the fees paid will also be refunded.

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