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Partner Visa

There is nothing that can part a relationship, and so have the Australian Immigration come up with a Partner Visa. This visa is specially for the couples who have either a spouse or a partner living in Australia. This type of a visa can be issued to the partners of either the Permanent Residents, Australian Citizens, or eligible citizens of New Zealand.

This visa is applicable for the married partners, fiancé/fiancée, and partners by relationship including the same sex relations.

Eligibility Conditions

Applicants for spouse visa must satisfy either of the following pre-requisites:

  • Married to an Australian as per Australian law or valid under Australian law.
  • Staying in a de facto relationship to a permanent Australian resident or citizen for at least twelve months as on date of submission of visa.
  • Acquaintance to an Australian partner that supposedly matures to marriage, acceptable under law of land, at time of visa delivery.

The candidates applying should be above eighteen (18) years to overcome the conditions that this visa puts up. In case, when it comes to unmarried but engaged couples, there should be enough of evidence to show it to the Australian Immigration so that they can clear the visa processing.


Various other categories of Partner Visa…

Partner Permanent (subclass 801) and Temporary (subclass 820) Visas: Australia Inshore

When it comes to Subclass 820 visa, this enables you to stay in Australia based on your De facto relationship or marriage to your partner for a period of up to two years. Once the period of two years is ended, you can easily apply for subclass 801 visa provided if your marital status is still maintained. For either of the above-mentioned visas, your sponsoring partner should be an Australian.

Partner Visa Temporary (subclass 309) and Permanent (subclass 100): Offshore Australia

This visa is all about when you are planning to marry an Australian, by some or the other means. It doesn’t matter how you met, the mutual understanding here matters. Temporary visa: subclass 309 is been issued for a period of two years, which can later be turned into a Permanent (subclass 100). Here too, you should stay intact for the period of two years to ensure that your partner is getting a permanent residency soon.

Prospective Marriage (Subclass 300)

This visa gives an opportunity for the applicants to come to Australia and marry their desired partners within a span of nine months.

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