Customer Services : +91 8758 525252

Customer Services : +91 8758 525252


Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa

This visa being only for the ones who are invited formally, there are no such chances wherein you can opt for it without having an invitation in your hands. You will be getting a time limit of 60 days for making an online application once you are invited. This formal invitation explains the entire process of the visa that is needed to be followed. If at all you fail to apply for Subclass 189 visa, even after two invitations, your name from the list of prospect invitees is removed and you tend to receive no such invitations in the future.

Eligibility for Application

To attract invitations a candidate must fulfil the following conditions:

  • Must not be more than fifty years of age
  • Forward an intent of interest to Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department
  • Possess a skill as mentioned in the list of skilled occupations as available with immigration department
  • Possess relevant assessments of this skill
  • Meet required English language knowledge as demanded by Immigration Department
  • Conform to necessary character and health preconditions
  • Must score 60 or more in points test conducted by this department

All the applications are to be filled online with the required application fee by means of a debit/credit card. All the necessary English requirements should also be fulfilled. To get along with all the necessary things, it’s recommended that you go through ‘Australian Values Statement’.

Secondary applicants have a benefit of taking along their spouse, partner, child, or any relative and their child or relative on a dependent visa.

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