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Customer Services : +91 8758 525252


Visitor Visa

When it’s all about visiting Australia, for either the purpose of meeting someone or tourism, Visitor Visa comes into action. The Visitor Visas are issued to the ones who are planning to spend some quality time with their family, roaming around the streets and the beautiful sights of Australia. All such Visitor Visas are temporary and are valid for a maximum of twelve months.

This visa does not entertain the permanent Australian citizens, and permanent immigrants. There are different categories under this visa i.e. ETA Visitor Visa, Tourist Visa, Sponsored Family Visitor Visa, and e-Visitor Visa.
e-Visitor Visa

This category of Visitor Visa is meant for the applicants who are willing to go and meet their family, friends, or are on a touring for a business, etc. Valid for a period of twelve months, this visa incurs a specific fee, on basis of which you can stay there for a stretch of three months.

We at Yuranus Education keep a note of your fees and remind you at every instance of the next installment.

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