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The rising demand for Australia – Indian students’ new-found love for the land down under


There is a rapid surge for Australian Student Visa amongst Indian students. Since, the previous
favourite destinations such as US and UK are now wary of immigrants, Indian students have shifted
their gaze to other countries for foreign education. Consequently, Australia is witnessing a 7-year
high in Indian student applications, as confirmed by Indian High Commission in Delhi.

Universities in Australia like New South Wales, Deakin, Bond, James Cook, Queensland and Canberra
have quoted as having ‘overwhelmingly large’ number of Indian applicants in FY 2017. However,
most Indian students have preferred New South Wales and Victoria, but the recent wave of
knowledge seekers are finding residences in cities like Queensland and Melbourne too.

In the recent study conducted by the High Commission, a 12% increase was seen in FY 2017.
Australia has 68,000 Indian students in November 2017. Expert analysts are giving credit of this
surplus entrants to the friendly culture Indian students beget in Australia.

Statistically Speaking

– New South Wales University – Indian students applying here have double in the past couple of years.

– Deakin University – A clear 50% growth in intake of Indian students compared to 2015.

– Bond University – Indian students have increased by 20% in FY 2017.

– University of Canberra – Applications in the year 2017 increased nearly two-fold.

– University of Queensland – A high surge can also be seen at UoQ where post-grad pursuant are
applying for coursework.

– Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab – Undergraduates from these Indian states are more inclined to
pick Australia as a study destination according to a research conducted by Pearson PTE.

Caitlin Byrne, Director at Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University in Queensland accredits this in-
flow of Indian students to the deepening ties between both countries. Byrne also draws our
attention to the increasing demand amongst Indians for traditional jobs like IT and engineering.
However, to add to the growing interests there are also many takers for social development,
healthcare and architecture.

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