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Australia Revises the Immigration Policy for Permanent Residency- Introduces Provisional Visas

By: Yuranus Education

Owing to the Immigration debate among the countries, the Australian government has decided to provide necessary provisional visas over permanent visas for the migrants. The Immigration department is reviewing a paper to examine the chances for this policy revision, following which the migrants will be permitted to live in Australia on temporary/ provisional visas before they convert into permanent ones.

The paper proposing the motion around the Immigration debate covers questions like, ” what period a prospective migrant requires to spend living in Australia to be granted a permanent residency and what factors should be regarded to address the issue?.”

The motion restricts the visas to “the best and the brightest” of workers and foreign students and that some permits require undergoing the phases of necessary provisional visas.

The Immigration policy in Australia has it that under most of the categories of the permanent visa, migrants are not obliged to spend a period in Australia to be eligible for permanent residency. The paper, however, renders it as not running parallel to the ideas of “like-minded countries” such as the Netherlands, the US, and the UK, that are more into the assessment of the process formally and consider the maturity of the visas of those who seek a permanent habitat.

Concerns are emerging against the proposed reform, that it will eventually divide the Australian society. The Social Services Department states in a note that a potential risk factor could be the loss of social solidarity among those who have access to permanent visas/residency conveniently vis-a-vis those who don’t. An emergence of a two-tier society is likely to form as a consequence of differential treatment from the government.

However, the Australian government negates the earlier provisions terming them “ill-suited” and “an artifact of the bygone era.”

The necessary steps in the direction are expected to aim at reducing the categories of visas from 99 to 10. The reforms also provide for better, quick and convenient response to global trends from the government’s side, by making the visa permit system a lot less rigid.


Source: Australia may introduce mandatory provisional visas before permanent residency

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