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European Union: Opening New Doors of Opportunity for Indian Students

By: Yuranus Education
Study Abroad

Good news for students who want to go for international study!! There are so many opportunities for international study across various countries. Alexandre Ziegler, the ambassador of France to India has set the goal of 10,000 Indian students by 2020. As per his data, there is 40% increment in the number of Indian students going to study in France in the first six months of this year. According to him, more and more Indian students are choosing unconventional countries like France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Italy and Denmark for higher studies like engineering and businesses.

Now Out of the union, United Kingdom is a most favorable destination for Indian students after leading by the United States of America. The UK had issued around 11,000 students visa that shows significant increment in issuing tier-IV student visas over the previous year. According to estimates, there are 20,000 Indian students are living in the UK only. Most of the Indian students prefer the UK but European countries have to play fast to get the attention of foreign students. The European Union is providing “The Erasmus scholarship program” for higher studies that can be beneficial for Indian students.

Many Indian students are choosing other European countries for higher studies as in Germany which is second most favorite destination after the UK, Last year Germany issued 14,000 Indian student visas which show significant increment by 15- 20 % every year. Germany is a most popular destination for higher studies because of low tuition fees, attractive scholarship and good fund support and post study work rights for Indian students. Rounak Changediya studying mechatronics engineering from University of Applied Sciences was impressed by German technology, lifestyle.

Back to France, they are offering 1000 courses in English at low costs for international students. Besides students can get the job in French companies those are operating in India too. They are being liberal in visa regulations. Students are allowed to work part-time for 20 hours per week and 2 years post study work visa which can lead to permanent residency. Vignesh Narasimhan Janakiraman, Ph.D. holder from Universite de Bordeaux says that holding a Ph.D. degree from French University made a huge difference in his career. He learned a lot from their Culture and scientific expertise. He got the job as chief technology officer in a startup called algobiotech nearby Paris.
According to Thibault Devanlay who is the counselor of political affairs at the delegation of EU in India, students are going to different destinations for higher education. European Union countries also offer courses in the English language. Like Bulgaria is providing specialized courses related to medicine in the English language. Poland is another country that puts a lot of effort to get the maximum students and providing placement from Indians graduating from EU. So there is a lot of competition going among European countries for getting the attention of Indian students who want to study in the medical and technical field.

Sanjoo Malhotra, who is the alumni of Stockholm University, runs his own business consultancy that builds good platforms for Indian companies in Sweden. He says that Sweden is English speaking country so that helps to create a good platform for technology companies who are interested to hire India IT talent. So there are bright chances to get the job for Indian students in Sweden too. Overall European countries are being open to Indian students these days.


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