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Macron-led Immigration Bill faces deft criticism; Human Rights organizations deems bill ‘repressive’


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After Donald Trump, it is Emmanuel Macron’s turn to introduce stringent laws that will make lives’ tougher for migrants and asylum seekers.

Paris- French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron’s leadership skills will be put to test as his cabinet seeks to push the new immigration bill through the French Parliament. Macron, who enjoys a convenient parliamentary majority may face tough rebuttals that would examine the integrity of bill – which is pro-nationalist as it strengthens the immigration and asylum procedures. If the bill passes, migrants will have less time on their hands to appeal for asylum and reverse rejections. Apart from this, the proposal also looks forward to doubling the custody time on detentions.

Macron’s earlier promise of ‘no sleeping rough for migrants or homeless’ is now slowly proving to be a dilly-dallying commitment in the face of current political conditions in France. However, France’s tightening of rules only puts them in the same boat as the rest of Europe; where the general consensus is wary of immigrants.

The last reform was made in 2015, way before the sudden influx of immigrants fleeing from the crisis in middle-east. Macron has been vocal about nature of the bill seeking help from European allies to strengthen the boundaries. It was one of the highlights of Macron’s speech on European Union.

What major changes can you expect?

The new bill is concentrated around immigrants and asylum seekers. It will not impact student visa holders as France has kept their borders open to international students. But to give you a fair idea, the reformation will alter a lot of things especially for people on the lower-extreme of the spectrum.

  • Shortened deadlines and longer stays at the detainment
  • Fine up to $4,610 or 1-year imprisonment
  • Talking about the legal immigrants, the new bill proposes procedures which will help them settle down quicker if they choose to approach it legally. Despite all the ruckus around the new bill, only time will tell how the bill will be implemented and followed.

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