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New Zealand – A Top Rank Country Capacitating Students for Future

By: Yuranus Education
Study Abroad

According to the first report produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit, entitled “The Worldwide Educating for the Future Index”, has ranked New Zealand as the first country amongst the 35 economies for capacitating students for the future. New Zealand has been earmarked as the finest place for empowering students to cope with the future.

The Worldwide Educating for the Future Index is the first exhaustive global index used for gauging responses to education systems instead of outputs such as test scores, and emphasizes on the age group of 15-24 years. This index is generated by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and then commissioned by the Yidan Prize Foundation, along with detailed interviews with preeminent global whizzes. The index is especially focused on evaluating in what way students are being nurtured to master “problem-solving, critical-thinking skills and interpersonal, and steer a progressively digital world”.

The report apprehends the assessment majorly around the effectiveness of education systems prevailing in the popular countries assenting to student immigration. The report also covers how each country is fostering its student population towards the dynamic education policy environment, the difference factors of the socio-economic culture. More prominently, the research included how each of the countries instills their student to identify how to learn, instead of collating the already established knowledge.

The high quality of teacher education and the curriculum framework focusing on the future-skills backed up by the collaboration between university and industry has contributed to the first position of New Zealand in the research study. Considering these environments, small and affluent countries have found their way up on the list. According to the index, the five highest ranked countries include New Zealand, Canada, Finland, Switzerland and Singapore. Following them on the list, UK is in the sixth position while the US stands at the 12th position.

The major reasons backing up the success received by New Zealand revolves around the educating system, which believes in educating students for future prospects. New Zealand has earned the first position in the teaching environment category, which grabs about 50 percent of the whole score. It has been viewed as a broadly-agreed strategic imperative that in spite of being a small and remote country, it bears the vigilance that comes with knowing that it has little choice but need to be globally competitive, says the research study. The report says that “it has a systematic government-led approach to making its education system fit for purpose, across technology, teaching, curriculum and collaboration with industry.”

Coming to the rest of the rank holders in the index, Singapore offsets all countries when evaluated for their education policy environment and Finland earns first rank position for socio-economic environment.


However, as indicated in the report, many countries have failed to invest in or effectively assess skills needed for the future. The countries include but not limited to Taiwan capture the 19th position, Argentina is placed on the 20th position followed by Israel ranking on the 26th position despite its reputation.


According to the research study, the Latin American country is the highest-ranked middle-income nation presenting signs of growth in areas such as quality of teacher education and qualifications, education expenditure, and curriculum and assessment frameworks.


The index also reveals a resilient relationship amid the cultures that are vulnerable and those that cultivate the young minds meritoriously for an ambiguous future.





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