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Now a Robocop will Grant Australian Visa

By: Yuranus Education
Visa Services

The Immigration Department of Australia has introduced a new Digitalized platform to garner all the mandatory information and biometric details to upload in their database. This improvisation has been brought to reduce the overall paper-work and manage the immigration process efficiently.

Millions of visa applications are issued on a daily basis and handled by Australian immigration department. The introduction of an automatic system will allow visa applicants to login through a secure website or a mobile app and upload their fingerprints and other required information, thereby decreasing the workload of Australian officials. The system is customized to determine if the candidate is eligible for immigrating to Australia and would be granted the visa or not.

This new system will be supposedly connected with the private tourism companies and hotels to facilitate easy and comfortable accommodation to the tourists. Moreover, this process will also fasten recently immigrated residents to Government services.

Private firms have alluded to provide complete assistance in designing and running the system, contributing their every bit to ‘once-in-a-generation’ opportunity.

The Immigration Department was quoted saying, “This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the market to co-design Australia’s visa business and to support Australia to attract travelers and migrants and meet its international obligations”.

The arrangement has been introduced in order to help military authorities subsisting the surge in the number of visitors, and, migrants seeking permanent residency. However, the Department Of Immigration will personally handle visas of refugees and diplomats as well as the security checks.

Moreover, the tender documents suggested – ‘The GDP must provide the necessary capabilities for departmental officials to make manual decisions to grant or refuse visa applications.’

This concludes that, although Global Digital Platform (GDP) will emerge as a very efficient decision maker to grant visas for all the migrants, the staff may still have to intervene in situations where the system is not allowed or cannot directly grant a permit to specific profiles due to business rules.

Furthermore, this computer-aided system will allow International tourists booking the tickets via net, to apply for Australian visa through the link provided by the system. The data hence collected, would be fetched by the staff once they acquire security clearance by the Government.

GDP would also be a part of major reformation in visa categories, avers the Immigration Department of Australia.

Since the system would be designed to accept visa applications in 20 different languages and could be accessed through a link; it will make visa application process easier for people who want to visit or wish to settle in Australia.


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