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Australian PM exterminates 457-work-visa popular among Indians

By: Yuranus Education

Very recently, PM Turnbull stated that Australian reforms will have a simple focus: “Australian jobs and Australian values.”

“Australia is all set to annihilate a temporary work visa that is quite renowned among the foreigners and replace it with newer and better programmes like English language proficiency and job skills.” Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball stated further.

As the Prime Minister was having a hard time dealing with poor voter approval ratings, rejected suggestions. Hence visa policy change was a consequence of response to far-right wing political parties, one nation for instance, that demanded more nationalistic policies. But via a Facebook declaration, Turnball stated, “Our reforms will have a simple focus: Australian jobs and Australian values.

The step to eradicate the famous work visa that benefited over 95,000 foreign workers, out of which most of them were Indians, is probably aimed to solve the issue of growth of unemployment in the nation. Majority of visa holders belonged from India, UK and China.

The initiative programme referred to as 457 visa allows Australian businesses to recruit foreign employees for a period of four years in trained jobs and areas where there is a deficiency of Australian skilled workers.

The Indian government has pulled up its socks and begun contemplating about the consequences of the new policy, consulting a committee of stakeholders. “This is also a matter we will be looking at in the context of comprehensive economic cooperation agreement (CECA) negotiations.” Said Gopal Baglav, spokesperson of the ministry of external affairs.

On a similar note, US president Donald trump is all set to sign an executive order on Tuesday paying heed to the temporary visa programme that was employed to bring foreign workers to the United States to fill the highly skilled jobs vacancy. This order is an attempt by Trump to stand by his “America first” manifesto and campaign pledges.

Turnball says that the visa change would invite highly skilled workers and witness employed Australians over cheap foreign workers imported via the 457 visa programme.

The 457-visa was introduced in the 1990s to hasten the entry of working professionals and highly skilled immigrants.

The programme has been stretched in controversy with allegations that the visa was being misused by the employers to import employees during times of skill shortages.

At a press release, Turnball said, “We are bringing the 457-visa class to an end. It’s lost its credibility.”

However, anyone who is already in Australia with the 457 visa will remain unaffected of the new arrangements.

The 457-visa enjoyed by over 95,000 foreign workers, will now be replaced by a temporary visa. Also, the list of occupations for which foreigners are eligible for a visa will be chopped of and reduced from more than 200.

The new visa will have a limitation of two years. Another level, that is the second four-year visa will require a higher standard and proficiency in English Language. Between the period 1901 to 1973, Australian government restricted non-white immigrants under a White Australia policy, which made an English language test mandatory.

A representative of over 60,000 businesses, Australian Industry Group (AI Group) mentioned that these changes will improvise the integrity of Australia’s visa programme.

On being asked about the skilled visa programme, the executive of AI group, Innes Willox stated that the temporary skilled visa programme should now be considered as settled without the need for further reviews and disruptive policy change.

Some experts also find it mandatory for the government to focus on boosting education and training systems in order to address Australia’s skills needs.


Source: Now, Australian PM Turnbull abolishes visa programme popular with Indians (HindustanTimes)

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