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Why PTE Can Be The Best Decision For Studying Abroad?

Post By Yuranus Education

Pearson Test of English, another very renowned online English verification test that eliminates the manual paper pen work of the examiners, is totally systemized. It has gained immense popularity and preference over other examination methods amongst aspirants seeking International studies for being completely online and transparent. With today’s technology-driven fast-paced generation, PTE comes as a biased choice that doesn’t kill much of your time and judges the candidate fair and square.

One of the most reliable English assessing methods, PTE just like IELTS – tests the candidates listening, reading, writing and speaking ability with utmost accuracy. The test is formatted into twenty different questions that judge a candidate’s communicative ability and competency level for English language. Many institutes across India conduct PTE exams and train the candidates to deliver maximum scores. Yuranus, a very famous PTE coaching center in Ahmedabad has emerged as a successful guidance coach introducing strategic practices and advanced preparation methods for scoring highest in such exams.

PTE has many advantages over other overseas migrating exams to keep in mind when selecting for the International gateway to higher studies.

  1.  The candidate gets his/her results in just five business days. So one must not have to wait for days to apply in recognized colleges abroad.
  2.  Accurate Results: Since the test is completely online and results are generated through smart machines, there is no human intervention that could affect the score and nullify the chances of any kind of partiality in the results. This makes PTE completely transparent and reliable.
  3.  PTE scores are globally recognized by more than 8000 organizations that increase the chances of a candidate  to get enrolled easily in top universities of countries like US, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Australia and New  Zealand. Immigrants can also benefit hugely from scoring high in PTE as most of the organizations prefer to offer jobs to such people who have cleared PTE with maximum scores.
  4.  Questions are easy to answer as they give vivid picture of the real-life situations to which a candidate can connect easily and answer promptly.
  5.  With 150 authorized centers and 363 days of availability, this test gives candidates to choose their dates suitably and prepare smartly in advance.
  6.  Moreover, candidates having aversion for long texts can easily enjoy giving this test that requires only short or medium length answers. No need to write a ‘BIG’ lengthy essay to get your skills checked.
  7.  PTE unlike IELTS, not only judges the communication skills like speaking, reading, writing or listening but also checks your vocabulary, grammar, fluency and pronunciations. Therefore it is a more integrated language test to increase and test your prowess in the language.

PTE is considered similar to IELTS and is equally effective. Infact, it has an additional advantage that the candidate won’t have to write manually. Simply type and enter! You would be apprised of your results within 5 working days. And yes, how can we forget this point… PTE is a single sitting exam unlike IELTS and completes within 3 hours sharp.

Wouldn’t you also like to opt for PTE???

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