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Say Yes to Swiss Higher Education

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Here’s the universities and courses you need to know about.

Idolized as the perfect holiday destination by millions around the world, Switzerland also has many noteworthy aspects of business and economic expertise to its credit. Situated in western-central Europe, it is surrounded by Italy, Germany, France and Austria. Zurich and Geneva, two famous cities in Switzerland, are global hubs of banking, finance, economy and international diplomacy. Zurich and Geneva are ranked among the top countries in the world in terms of human development and quality of life. Switzerland, considering its highest wealth per adult in the world and national performance, is rightly termed as ‘the happiest place on earth’.


Every year, students from all over the world flock to Switzerland in search for quality education and international exposure making it the second most preferred educational centre of the world by international students after Australia. Switzerland steadfastly follows a policy of neutrality which led to its preference by numerous international organizations as the seat of their international centres. The Swiss Confederation is host to many international organizations including the World Health Organization and the International labour Organization while Geneva houses the second largest headquarters of United Nations. Switzerland has given the world many intellectual geniuses like Albert Einstein in the past and continues to extend world-class education to its students of diverse nationalities.


One of the many globally renowned and valued courses offered in Switzerland is L.L.M. in International Banking, Finance and Insurance Law. This course walks the students through fundamentals of international market dynamics, regulations governing cross-border transactions and draws insights from economics, politics and marketing domains. Economic and legal foundations, upon which the international economy stands, are introduced at the beginning of the course. The course progresses with special emphasis on and deep analysis of corporate laws, tax and corporate criminal laws, regulation of market participants, and financial market.


This course is offered by University Of Zurich – Faculty of Law. Albert Einstein was awarded his PhD from this prestigious university in 1905. Quite a number of variants of this course are offered by other renowned universities in Switzerland as well – Master of Law at University of Geneva, Master of Advanced Studies in International Taxation (MASIT) at University of Lausanne, Master in International Law at The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies.


Another course that joins the above in the premier league is Masters in International Affairs offered by The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. This is an interdisciplinary course with its curriculum designed around three major themes –  Global and Regional integration; Security and Peace-building; and Civil Society and Transnational Issues. In a world of rapidly evolving dynamics, strong analytical capabilities are crucial to design policies aimed at global peace and conflict management. International relations are studied through the lens of history, international laws and economics and political science. Independent thinking is encouraged through personal research based workshops and dissertations.


The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies is considered as the most prestigious institutions in all of Europe by even the most honorable academic and professional circles. Similar courses offered by other universities in Switzerland include – Master in International Relations and Diplomacy at The International University in Geneva, Master’s Programme in International Affairs and Governance at University of St. Gallen and Master of Arts in International Relations at Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations.

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