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Education System

Owning a degree in France is a matter of an immense pride.  France is known to give equal weight to both domestic and international students, making it a top reason to study there.   
The higher education in France is divided into three levels namely, the License Professionnelle, known as the Bachelor’s degree and the other two degrees are the Master’s and Doctorate.  The bachelor’s degree is a 3-year course into any chosen field, divided into 6 semesters, the Master’s is a 2-year course the Doctorate is a 3-year course.  The degrees are awarded in European credits known as ECTS. Accordingly, a bachelor’s degree is awarded on obtaining 180 ECTS, while the Master’s is obtained on gaining additional 120 credits.

Now there are broadly two types of higher educational institutes in France, the public universities and the grandes écoles (the elite higher-education institutes in France). Students are supposed to be graduates of Baccalauréat. As for international students, they are required to complete their secondary education.  There are about 88 public universities spread across the country. As for the grandes écoles, there are over 300 of them covering different subject areas. Admission to grandes écoles is academically tough and more expensive in comparison to education in public universities of France.

For the admission to the prestigious grandes écoles, a student has to enroll himself/herself for preparatory training classes (known as CPGEs). Based on the course one wishes to pursue, whether business, scientific or into humanities, one is accordingly needed to enroll into the particular CPGE. Passing in that training exam is of immense importance for it is the only road to make it to a chosen grand école. There are no such competitive exams required for admissions to public universities. However, international students are required to pass proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, varying depending on the college/ university one opts for.  

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