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Eligibility Requisites

France, with its most exceptional and efficient educational system, is one of the top reason for bringing thousands of students to the country. The admission process and eligibility criteria for French Universities are quite different from those in other countries. It follows a very systematic and rigorous approach to admission.

Eligibility Criteria for International students for securing admissions in French Universities (Private and Public)

  1. International students are required to show their English proficiency through international tests like TOEFL or IELTS. They are required to send their IELTS/TOEFL score to the university they intend to study and certain universities require undertaking the of standardized admission tests like GRE GMAT, LSAT.  Depending upon the selected university, a student has to undertake the require exam/s, and furnish them with the scores.
  2. Students pursuing an undergraduate degree are required to complete their secondary education. If the university has any specific entrance test, the student is required to pass one.
  3. Students pursuing Master’s degree should have an equivalent bachelor’s or diploma degree.
  4. Students pursuing PhD needs to have an equivalent masters or diploma degree.
  5. The Non-European Union/International students are required to pass the compulsory Preliminary Admission test (“demand d’admission préalable” – DAP). The application for the test can be done at Culture and Cooperation Service of the French embassy in your home country.

Eligibility Criteria for International securing admissions in Grandes écoles:

International students are required to apply through an online system for a preliminary admission at Admission Post Bac. For securing admissions to Grandes Ecoles, one has to enroll for preparatory training exam called CPGE, based on its score; one is allowed the admission to their chosen Grandes Ecole institute.

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