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Education System

Canada is one of the world’s top education performers and is the top OECD country in spending per student in public postsecondary education. Students score high on international tests reflecting the dedication each jurisdiction has on the quality of our education system. More than 300,000 international students choose Canada every year.

Tertiary Education System

  • Certificate level, generally for a year
  • Diploma level, for one or two years
  • Advanced Diploma, generally two or three-year programs
  • Bachelor degrees, awarded after four years of full-time study
  • Post-graduate Diplomas/Certificates, for one or two years of study
  • Master’s degrees, available after a bachelor degree to excel in a certain subject, for one to two years
  • Doctorate or Ph.D., generally four to seven years

In Canada, there are 90 universities and 175 community colleges that offer wide range of programs. There are many government-funded and private institutes which allow a student to work on-campus for 6 months and after that off-campus work is also allowed. The diplomas and the degrees of the Canadian University have a major role and recognition around the world.

University Colleges
In Canadian University, students are given choice of academic –oriented university degree programs or the practical-oriented college diplomas and they also provide certificates.

The Canadian University offers a wide range of courses and degrees from Undergraduate to Doctorate level with a certificate and professional degrees. It offers a high-quality education at very low tuition fees for International Students; they also have large-size classrooms.


Canadian Universities/Colleges have three intakes:

  • January, May, and September

In Canada, one semester is 4 months only. Hence students can opt for Co-Op Programs in order to gain valuable international work experience. Many Canadian colleges and universities offer these work placement programs as a means of enhancing the curriculum with real-world industry experience.

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