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Study in Cyprus


Located at the crossroad of three different continents, The Republic of Cyprus is a place where the East meets the West. It has the third largest population among the islands in the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It is also a great center for business and a sought after study abroad destination. Cyprus is a member of the European Union and is a presidential republic.

Cyprus is a very popular tourist location and hosts over two million tourists from the very part of the world throughout the year. Cyprus is a country that has something to offer to every person from its guaranteed sunshine, white sand beaches, rugged mountains, seas, villages, and cities. The service sector of Cyprus is vibrant and thriving and the health care industry is one of the best. Cyprus is slowly gaining recognition as one of the best destinations for Medical Tourism all over the world.

Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate and a lasting sunshine. The short spring and autumn are full of pristine natural beauty and many interesting traditional events. Overall, Cyprus is a great destination for studying abroad.


Cyprus is a member of the European Union and is a country with a highly educated population. Cyprus has a sophisticated infrastructure and is full of island charm. People here are open and warm and have a tradition of hospitality. The cuisine and culture of Cyprus are one of the best in all Europe. Cyprus has a high percentage of English speaking population. Cyprus is a preferred location for education due to its very low crime rate and high standard of living. Cyprus is a hub for business and education. There are many reasons why to choose Cyprus for higher studies. Some of the most popular reasons for higher studies in Cyprus are:

• Bachelor and Master’s degree in Cyprus are recognized worldwide.
• The main language of instruction in English.
• The standard of living in Cyprus is high and yet the living costs are affordable.
• Cyprus has high academic standards.
• The country is very safe and the crime rates are extremely low.
• The climate is also very mild and pleasant.
• Credits can be transferred to all other European Union countries as well as US and Canada.
• Scholarships are provided to all International students that cover up to forty percent of tuition fees.
• The learning environment is enhanced with the varied culture.
• Students can work hard and then party harder.
• Students are prepared to work in today’s marketplace.
• A tolerance for other cultures id developed and students are encouraged to work in a global environment.

Cyprus has become a very popular study abroad destination. Information about studying in Cyprus can be found from various sources. Cyprus is the ideal destination for study and research as a lot of focus is on innovating thinking and learning. You can also study in Cyprus without IELTS score and get an education that will make you employable.



There are three intakes in a year to study in Cyprus and they are Fall, Spring, and Summer.



The tuition fee for any Bachelors program is 4500 EUROS per annum and for any Masters Program is 5400 EUROS per annum.

Accommodation (EUR €)

The cost of living in twin sharing basis for any student will be 500 to 600 EUROS per month (Approx.)

Financial Requirement (EUR €)

In order to fulfill the visa requirements, the students need to show proof that they have, or have access to, around 7,000 (EUR €) (INR 500,000/-) per year for living expenses, which should be within last one month.



International students are allowed to work upto 20 hrs/week while in college/university and can work full time during the internships and/or vacations.



1. Attested copies of Secondary and Senior Secondary High School Graduation Certificates and Mark Sheets (with a minimum of 50% overall average mark at Senior Secondary). Postgraduate applicants do not need to have the minimum of 50% at Senior Secondary as long as they have a minimum of 40%overall average mark at their Bachelor Degree. If the student cannot attest the copies of his/her school documents he/she will need to send the attested original documents.

2. Attested copies of the Bachelor Degree Certificate and Mark Sheet (applicable only for postgraduate applicants e.g. MBA). If the student cannot attest the copies of his/her academic documents he/she will need to send the attested original documents.

3. Attested original Medical Examinations report is issued no more than 4 months before the application deadline, which proves that the student is free from diseases like Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, and HIV/AIDS. All original medical examination results must be attached. Medical examinations can only be done by a governmental medical center (e.g. government hospital). The contact details of the medical center that issued the report must be shown on the report.

4. Attested original No-Criminal Record Certificate issued by the local police or Ministry of Home Affairs stating that the applicant has no criminal record.

The Certificate must be issued no more than 6 months before the application deadline. In case there is a validity or expiry date written on it, the Certificate should be valid until the date classes commence.

5. Attested original Bank Letter stating that the student’s sponsor has sufficient funds to finance the student’s stay and studies in Cyprus. The student’s name, sponsor’s name and their relationship should appear clearly on the letter. The sponsor can only be the father, mother or a first degree relative of the applicant.

This must be issued no more than six (6) months before the application deadline. If neither the Passport nor the No-Criminal Record Certificate state the relationship between the student and the sponsor then a Certificate of Relationship or an Affidavit or other official document issued by the Police or other official authority stating the relationship between the student and the sponsor must accompany the bank letter. Please note, this document must also be fully attested. The contact details of the bank that issued the letter must be clearly shown on the letter.

6. Attested original Bank Statement showing that the student’s sponsor maintains a balance of at least €7.000 or the equivalent amount in local currency.

This statement must be issued no earlier than one month before the application deadline.

7. One passport size photograph with the applicant’s name written on the back.

8. Attested copy of Passport (only the page(s) that shows your photo, personal details, and signature) Valid for at least two years from the commencement of classes.

9. Original completed and signed Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Study form.

Most Popular Universities in Cyprus for Indian Students:

Eastern Mediterranean University

University of Cyprus

University of Nicosia

Cyprus International University

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