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Eligibility Requisites

Germany will give you the best exposure to study with its highly skilled education system. But before thinking of the university, the prior thought is about the exams required to be given to get selected.

On a general note, every university in the world has two fixed parameters

  1. Language Proficiency
  2. Aptitude for the desired course

Germany has the same parameters of selection. The language test is common for every level, but the aptitude test may vary according to the selection of course. These English tests are accepted by the university.


The International English Language Testing System is accredited by over 110 countries in the world. This proficiency test was administered by the University of Cambridge- Local Examination Syndicate for the English Language. The test is divided into four parts which are, listening, speaking, writing and reading.


To check the ability of a person to understand and communicate in Standard North American English, the Education Testing Services (ETS) organizes the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

For qualifying the selection process the score of any of the examinations is valid. But on the other hand, some universities specifically ask for the score of a particular examination.

If you’re opting for a degree in the German language, you have to give the proficiency exam in the German language to show your understanding. Either of the two exams mentioned below is accepted by the German universities.

  • TestDAF

The TestDAF institute in Germany conducts the Test Deutsch Als Fremdsprache (Test of German as a Foreign Language) to check the proficiency of the students in the German language. This test judges the ability of the student to understand and communicate the language in an analytical manner. The test is conducted in India by the Goethe institute.

  • DSH

Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang or DSH is another test conducted at an individual level to analyze the students understanding of the language. This test is a conducted by the different universities independently. Some universities in Germany may insist on taking the internal DSH exam and some of them may approve the DSH score of other universities. 

Aptitude for the desired course 

For Undergraduate Courses

  • JEE Advanced

The very known JEE advanced needed to enter the IIT is also valid for the German universities. The courses offered by the universities are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. In case you want a degree in any of the courses the gates of German universities are open.

  • Feststellungsprüfung (FSP)

These exams are conducted by the German universities which are specific to specialized subjects. The dates and specifications of the exam vary. 

For Postgraduate Courses

  • GRE

The Graduate Record Examination or GRE is directed to be taken by the Engineering students for the graduate courses. This examination is conducted by the Education Training system (ETS) and it is measured as a standard test to measure aptitude. The GRE score is also accepted by the German Universities.

  • GMAT

Graduate Management Aptitude Test or (GRE) is conducted by the GMAC for the post graduate courses in management/business/finance across the world. 

Note to remember: The universities in Germany are independent entities so before preparing for the tests, make a brief research on the parameters of selection tests of every college.


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