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Study in New Zealand

Do you want to study in New Zealand? NZ is calling all those who want to study there! Experts consultants at Yuranus can help you to go through your process without much hassle. Applying for study visa in NZ can be a task and we understand your requirement more than anyone else. Make your dream of study in New Zealand a reality with Yuranus – Ahmedabad’s best foreign education consultants. Enrol today!


New Zealand is an island country located in the Pacific Ocean. The country mainly comprises of two islands, the North Island and South Island. New Zealand is a country of great beauty. Many people encountered New Zealand’s great natural beauty for the first time through the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, which was filmed in New Zealand. The country offers great geographic diversity: mountains, coasts, and lakes, along with unique plant life and animals.

There are umpteen numbers of programs and courses you can go for in New Zealand such as academics, polytechnics, professional and vocational. What is exciting is the belief in “culture exchange” whereby they see an individual from one eye, irrespective of his or her racial, cultural and sexual aspect. This detachment from the social constructs allows a student to feel free in a place like this and furnish his or her education with a free mind.

The campus premise is known to be equipped with essentials and mediums of high technological resources to make the learning exciting and interactive, this, in turn, fosters educational attractions from all over the world, mainly from India, South Africa, Japan, Australia, etc.

Why New Zealand?

Global Recognition: New Zealand Institution features among the top universities of the world. Degrees from New Zealand Institutions are recognized globally
Quality of Education: Education standards are higher and the academic environment is stimulating
Economical: Living costs and tuition fees are comparatively lower than most other countries
Cultural Diversity: International Students from 50+ nationalities study in New Zealand making it a true multicultural environment
Visa Success Ratio: High Visa success rate


About New Zealand Education

When you study in New Zealand, you’ll discover a unique country – the ultimate outdoor playground with excellent study opportunities. It’s a safe and welcoming community with a world-class reputation for cutting-edge research and creative energy. Eight of New Zealand’s universities feature in the 2012/13 QS World University rankings.

Education System

The whole of New Zealand’s educational system is based upon the prestigious British system, which is similar to Singapore. New Zealand has several types of post-secondary educational institutions: 8 universities, 18 Institutes of Technology & polytechnics and around 600 private institutions.


In New Zealand, there are 8 government-recognized Universities which have earned international prestige in terms of academics and research.

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) holds eligible any applicant who fulfills the criteria laid out by it for admission into any university. The criteria demand varies across courses and is higher in technology-seeking courses, for e.g. Medicine and Dentistry.

It’s obvious that getting a degree from a competitive place will enable the students to have a better future; is what the universities guarantee its pupils.


The universities encompass a plethora of courses, another one being Polytechnics. there are 20 Polytechnics, many of which are named as Institutes of Technology.

Semester duration is roughly equivalent across universities but the short courses kick start anytime during the year.

Private Training Institutions

There are over 800 private education providers in New Zealand who exclusively assist their foreign students in the English language with their efficient courses on the English Language. Some private institutes also invite learning to courses such as business, computing, and design.

Courses offered in New Zealand


Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences


Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Engineering and Science Technology


Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences



Qualification Levels and Types


Few Locations of Territory Providers:


The most preferred educational sites for students seeking admission in New Zealand are Auckland, Hamilton, Hastings, and Wellington. There are many more cities besides these wherein you can easily get yourself educated with the world-class facilities, infrastructure, and resources while getting to know The Multi-culture that New Zealand promises.

The universities and the institutes the aforementioned cities have are recognized by the government and have a universally renowned education system which can help unfurl a better future, job or a university for your education further ahead.



• 60% and above in HSC for Bachelors programs
• 60% and above in Bachelors for Masters Programs

If students have lower scores then they can be eligible for pathway programs leading to main programs in Universities or can get direct admissions in private colleges.


2 to 3 years of work experience for Masters Program.


• IELTS 5.5 (5) for Diploma and Advance Diploma
• IELTS 6 (5.5) for Bachelors and Graduate Diploma
• IELTS 6.5 (6) for Masters


Cost of Living

According to the New Zealand government, an international student spends an average of $1250 per month towards living expenses. But from the research, it is seen that Indian students spend around $600 to $800 per month as living expenses which include accommodation, food, entertainment, transportation, etc.

Education Costs in New Zealand

One of the advantages of studying in New Zealand is value for money. Living expenses and tuition costs are comparatively affordable. Tuition costs depend on the institution and the level of study you choose. The list below gives you an indication of the range of course costs for different types of qualifications:

Diploma and Advanced Diploma – $12,000 to $18,000
Bachelors Degree – $18,000 to $25,000
Graduate Diploma – $16000 to $22000
Masters Degree – $21,000 to $30,000
Doctoral Degree – $8000
Funds Requirement

You should have sufficient funds to pay your tuition fees and living expenses of NZ $15,000 for each year of study.

Evidence of Funds

• Your family is considered as a natural sponsor for your student visa application. Apart from family, you are entitled to have two immediate blood relatives as sponsors.
• Source of Funds can include Savings balance, Deposits, Provident Funds, Postal Savings, Education Loan, etc.
• Properties, Share market investments, Gold, etc cannot be counted as source of funds.
• Funds Transfer Scheme (FTS): An FTS is a scheme where student has to make $15000 secure investment deposit with ANZ Bank in New Zealand. This scheme can be used by students who do not have maintained funds for 6 months. This is an optional scheme.

Students can withdraw $1250 plus interest every month for a 12 month period. You can use these funds to help pay for living expenses while you’re studying in New Zealand. You will have received your full investment of $15,000 at the end of 12 months.


Student Work Rights

Students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week when the course is in session and unlimited hours during holidays.

In the case of Dependent family members, there is no limit on the number of hours you may work if the student is enrolled for a Postgraduate Diploma or higher level course.

Students can expect a wage rate of $15 to $17 per hour during part-time work depending on job profile and industry. So a student can expect to earn an average of $1200 to $1360 Per Month.

Post Study Work Rights

Post Study Work Visa (Open):

This visa gives you up to 12 months to get a job in a field related to your studies. While you are looking for a job in your field you are allowed to work in any job to support yourself.

Post Study Work Visa (Employer Assisted):

This visa lets you stay in New Zealand to gain work experience for a further two years (or three years if work experience is required as part of a professional registration). This visa relates to a specific job with a specific employer.

After your post-study work visa (employer assisted), you may qualify for a New Zealand resident visa under the Skilled Migrant Category.


Application Process:


Document Checklist:

• Student Visa Application Form (INZ 1012)
• Application fee for Visa
• One valid passport
• Passport-sized, colored photographs-2
• Other needful Educational certificates
• certificate of IELTS
• Medical certificate and chest x-ray certificate
• Covering letter
• Letter of acceptance issued by the host institution
• Payment receipt of course tuition fees
• A certificate from Police
• Proof of evidence to be financially self-supportive throughout the duration of course amounting to NZ$15,000 for each year of study
• Evidence of accommodation (vehemently recommended)
• Evidence of travelling ( Orto adequate additional funds available at students disposal, to purchase an outward ticket)
• Evidence of employment(if relevant)
• Letter of recommendation adequate (LOR) (if relevant)

Note: production of additional documents may be demanded to supplement the application only in exclusive cases. It is therefore advisable to ensure that all the supporting documents are notarized and self-attested.

Most Popular Universities in New Zealand for Indian Students:

University of Auckland

University of Otago

University of Canterbury

Victoria University of Wellington

University of Waikato

Other Resources:

Understanding NZ Qualifications

Cost of Living Calculator for New Zealand

Student Visa Requirement for New Zealand


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