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Education System

The universities in Switzerland are renowned globally. According to the QS world university rankings 2016-17, eight universities of Switzerland are ranked in the top 300.

The Swiss universities stand tall on the ground of inviting international students to study. Out of the eight ranked institutes, four institutes ranks in the top 65 universities for inviting a huge number of international students.

Higher Education in Switzerland

Switzerland is highly acknowledged worldwide for its standard of education. The swiss universities are ranked among the top universities. The education system is evolving with every passing year. The Bologna system implied in Switzerland complies globalization and growing friendly relations with the other countries.

The various Swiss universities offer courses at 3 levels:

  1. Bachelor’s level
  2. Master’s Level
  3. Doctoral level

The Swiss universities focus on high-quality education for the lifelong growth of the person personally and professionally. Apart from the bachelor, master and doctoral degrees, the Swiss universities run various diploma programs to add a feather to the qualification of a person. One such program is the DAS program which gives access to thorough training in a specific field.

The grading system in Switzerland

The Swiss universities upgrade the students on the basis of the 6 point grading scale. According to this 6 is the highest score descending to 1 being the lowest.

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