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Eligibility Requisites

Tests Required

Studying abroad is the dream of every student, and Switzerland is emerging as one of the preferred destinations for the International students. But before joining a course, you should be aware of the requirements of the universities.

In Switzerland along with the bachelor’s degree, one must have a good average GMAT or GRE score and a language certificate. This may vary according to the master’s program the student is opting.

  •  Admission for Bachelor’s program

To take admission in the bachelor’s level a student must have a valid Swiss Maturity certificate or foreign upper secondary school leaving certificate to qualify for the University entrance. Every Swiss university has their own requirements of certificates and qualifications.

  •  Admission for Master’s program

A successfully completed bachelor’s degree is the key to the Master degree in Switzerland. Alike the bachelors’ degree every university has their own norms to select a student according to their qualification and other entrance exams score.

  •  Language Requirements

A good knowledge of the language of instruction is expected from the aspiring students.

At the master’s level, most of the university offers study programs in English.



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