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Tips for Reading in PTE Academic

Post By Yuranus Education

Unable to score high in the PTE reading?? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Even native speakers struggle a lot when it comes to this section in PTE Academic. So here are some handy tips for to score better.

You must be very sharp while the reading section starts, focus on your task, not the timer. The Reading section in PTE academic test is divided into some basic sub-sections like re-order paragraph, multiple choices- multiple answers, multiple choices- single answer, and fill in the blanks. You should always be aware of their structure to enhance your score.

Foremost, you need to read a lot which can then provide you amazing content e.g. Science Daily, National Geographic, BBC, etc. In addition, a lot of PTE reading material relates to the environment, science, or current events, hence these magazines will also be useful in putting you in the right mindset. For reading, you need to be well versed with collocations which will eventually be a part of your vocabulary if you keep a track of these sources.

Read an article of 250-300 words every day and make a habit of skimming the article and try to identify and write down the keywords. You come to know by practice that words repeat themselves and relevance with the article’s title. For example, if the article is about global warming then you will come across the word “environment” loads of times.
Develop your lexical skills! I know you’ve heard a lot about this tip but if you want to score in this section, this is a necessary step. If you don’t know the meaning of a particular word then try to assume their meaning by reading the whole sentence or if the task is ‘fill in the blank’ try to put suitable and rational option.

Grammar can be your best and the most honest pal if you want to score highest in this section, you should know which collocation, which tense, plural, or singular word can be used.

The more you read the more you can understand the meaning of words or sentences. High vocabulary helps you to understand the meaning of the content. Practice can help you to crack the Multiple choice- Multiple answers and multiple choice singular answer tasks.

In this section, the first step is to read the question properly and understand what it is asking from you to figure out from the passage. Don’t go for options as it will consume more time.

Time management is the crucial part in reading section. What you need to do is spend only 2 minutes on each question, if you are eyeing to attend all the questions. The more questions you attempt, the more you can score.
So, success mantra in PTE – Reading Section is to get fluent in reading and then understanding it. All this at once, and you are already a superstar at PTE!

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