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Top 10 Foreign Destination Learning Options for 2017

Post By Yuranus Education
Study Abroad

All of us envision college life as a happening phase and honestly, all of us want to unfold more than just learning vistas when it comes to beginning learning at a new place. Whether it is some exotic locations, the conduct of the locals, world class standards of education, and beautiful road trips sceneries, we tend to prefer the destinations that offer more than education pursuits. If you’re a looking to further your learning, and also can’t kill the wanderlust within- we suggest you these ten countries that cover gelatos to Mochis and will check so many points off your bucket list.

  1. Italy

The impressive history that is evident everywhere across the whole of Italy is its underlying beauty. With scrumptious food and a language that sounds so sexy, Italy makes for unique programs that blend the cultural studies of Italy and other courses in so many majoring options- Business to Fine Arts.

Positives: Most programs are international student-friendly and do not require proficiency in Italian. Cinematic landscapes, historical locations in every corner and mouth-watering gelatos in many colors make Italy the top choice for most students willing to study abroad.

Less Positives: For better solidarity and integration with the locals, Italian may be the language you will need to learn. Asking for gelatos in Italian could be sexy of its kind, isn’t it?

  1. Spain

Thousands of year move to Spain each year to learn the most hyped language in the world. Well, Spain is so much more than Spanish. It is intellectual in the field of international business and European studies and more which is the major reason for foreign student attraction. Siesta and flamenco dancers! No, Spain is a lot more about the non-stereotypical stuff like hikes and large beaches.

Positives: Study abroad programs are indefinite in Spain and guarantee your housing expenses as well as tuition fees. Study abroad students will hail from various demographic locations, however, who would mind grabbing a sangria or two with the locals. After all, the Spain is all about chilling, soaking up the sun and well, chit-chat.

Less Positives: You will have to struggle a bit finding a place for yourself amidst the local culture. What you need is a bit loosening up. Coming out of your shell helps immensely regardless of what the place, right? Take less trodden paths and go offbeat to explore the locality with the natives. Day trips to little villages give real insight into the community.

  1. England

The quirky accent of the English people, Harry potter’s castle, David Beckham, or just the usual love for British history, whatever the reason, students just love choosing England for studying abroad.

Positives: This place is most suited for students who have never been out studying abroad. England offers a subtle incorporation into the world of cultural differences.

Less Positives: If a dramatic cultural change is what you expect to experience, UK probably may well be stricken off your list. Also if you are on a budget, you must look for programs outside London for better affordable options.

  1. France

The illumined corners, dazzling fashion stores, sights of the contemporary Paris city to the sunset at the coast, all of us love the romance in the air at France. The culinary adventures and fashion statements Paris is known for is still to mention.

Positives: Programs are available in various other languages and located in different locations in cosmopolitan Paris. The medium of language could be French and English making France a good option for studying abroad.

Less Positives: A basic preliminary knowledge of French is required even if you choose to enroll in a study abroad program in France with English as a medium. Also, occasional protests shut the country down for some time, but again, it’s all a healthy experience.

  1. Germany

The world class standards of abroad learning programs and countless pleasure of German culture makes Germany stand out in the battle of the best. Not missing out on the Disney’ s inspiration, the Neuschwanstein Castle and Oktoberfest that Germany is proud to have.

Positives: Sciences, business or just German, Germany is a remarkable destination for abroad studies. Academic internships are convenient since the world’s biggest companies, and innovations trace their way back to Germany. Efficiency is high both inside and outside the classroom.

Less Positives:  Just like France, in Germany, a prior knowledge of the language is recommended. However, most programs offer you the best of both worlds with the medium of learning both in English and German.

  1. Australia

Feel at the top of the world with the land down under Australia. It is the wonderland for most adventurous students who fly south in numbers every year and why not? Exploring the Great Barrier Reef to nightlife at the metro town of Sydney could be just the perfect destination if you want your learning to be full of fun.

Positives: Australia hosts some best universities in the world. The star disciplines like humanities, sciences, and business, with their many options for majors, make Australia a good educational option for abroad study.

Less Positives: Australia stands in the southern hemisphere, contrastingly with the North America/ Europe. The demography can have you missing out on seasonal commitments like internships or brief field works. On the other note, it lets you enjoy summers for a year, so it’s not all that bad.

  1. Japan

If you are a sucker for hi-tech gadgets and love sushi, Japan is an incredible culture waiting to welcome you. Take a stroll down below the cherry blossom trees and cherish the fragrance of this marvelous archipelago.

Positive: Ancient Buddhist temples ornate the alleys submerged in peace. The tranquility perfectly balanced with the crazy fast trains of Japan stirs the city and your soul as you take to the metros daily. Therefore, if you are a contemporary manga sucker of just a samurai warrior fan, you know there is something for all of you.

Less Positives: Even if you do not have sushis for dinner or even snacks every evening, you are still in a pretty expensive part of the world. A budget plan and a basic Japanese language can help you a lot as a new comer.

  1. China

Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai flocked by students every year rings competitive advantage to the resumes for the students. Weekend getaways outside classroom allow trips to various sites like Terracotta Warriors or the Great Wall.

Positives: Language ability in Mandarin or Cantonese can give you an edge over others. You get to have an insight into the role of China in the global market.

Less Positives: A culture shock is most likely on your way in a place that is so culturally diverse and dramatically different in its language. It could be a lifetime of experience living and study abroad if the choice is China.

  1. Argentina

Iguazu Falls’ Expansive scenery or exploring Mendoza, the Wine Country; Learning Tango or hiking Patagonia, Argentina is an amazing Experience to the extremities.

Positives: If you cherish sipping the bold wine in elegance or gorging upon that steak so fine, Argentina will fit your just as fine taste for abroad study. Let your wild side out and put on those hiking boots if the class was too boring.

Less Positives: Stay Longer or just skip visiting all the places simply because it is NOT possible. The expansive landscape of Argentina is a challenge to cover in a brief time.

  1. Costa Rica

The outdoor adventure at Costa Rica is balanced perfectly with the urban attitude. It makes for an outstanding and unique study abroad experience for the Young at hearts.

Positives: The ease of (cheap!) travel is available to you here. American tourism blended with Latin American culture is what you find here in abundance, and you can best learn Spanish here.

Less Positives: Foreign traffic prices could be meted at some touristic places. But don’t you worry, the cultural immersion will teach you bargaining lessons because there is always a scope.

These ten countries are the best selections out of all if a study is not what you solely focus upon. If you want to unfold a holistic study abroad experience, then going for one of these can impart learning and memories for a lifetime.

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