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Top European Universities to Study Biotechnology

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Biotechnology is emerging as one of the most popular courses/program. Biotechnology also referred to as “biotech” is a lucrative career option these days. The application of this field of study is vast and it even promises to improve human life, that is what makes the course so popular among students. Its applications can be seen in diverse fields like food and beverages, pharmaceutical textile, agriculture, animal husbandry, nutrition and environmental conservation.


The application of biotechnology touches a vast array of subfields/disciplines creating plentiful jobs for seeking an exciting yet stable career. It is this very feature of the biotechnology that makes it tremendously interesting and a lucrative field/discipline of study for students.


If you have recently graduated from your school and are looking forward to establishing your career in biotechnology or you have completed your graduation and are simply willing to pursue masters or any field of biotech, then it is essentially useful for you to pursue the course from university/college that ranks top biotech and even from the place/city which is a hub for biotech companies.


If you are a biotech aspirant, looking forward to becoming a competent biotechnologist, then you should consider seeking your biotech degree from Europe. Yes, you heard that right, the picturesque and a heart-delighting continent is also a home to top biotech universities and biopharma companies. It is exactly for this reason why you should consider European countries/universities to earn your biotech degree from.


Here we inform you about leading European countries/cities which offer accredited biotechnology courses:

  1.    Germany: RWTH Achen is one of the world known German university providing biotechnology courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate level both. Munich’s Ludwig-Maximilians Universität offer graduation and post-graduation courses in biology. Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG) in Dresden is well known for pursuing Ph.D. in the related field. Moreover, TU Berlin offers students the chance to intern with biotech companies.


  1.    UK:  The country only ranks second after Germany in terms of core biotech companies. In the field of biotech, the UK benefits from powerhouse clusters like the London, Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Scotland. These countries are a home to some of the best colleges/universities providing biotech courses – like the Oxford University and the University of Cambridge. Both the cities are even a home to exciting biotech companies like Bicycle Therapeutics in Cambridge and Adapt immune in Oxford. The Imperial College of London and the University London College are the two most leading universities offering biotech programs.


  1.    France: In France, Paris and Rhone Alpes are centers of France’s life sciences activity. Paris is a home to leading biotech universities like Sup’ Biotech, ESBS Strasbourg, AgroParisTech. ENSTBB and Polytech Marseille in Bordeaux are even two of the top colleges offering biotech courses.


  1.    Ireland: Dublin’s Trinity College offers a variety of courses in bioscience. Also, the country is a home to leading biotech companies and an amazing start-up called RebelBio.


  1.    Netherlands: The University of Groningen offers a great course that integrates the fields of biology, physics, chemistry and pharmacy, the Life Science and Technology course.


  1.    Austria: The charming beauty that the country is, it even is a home to the well-renowned university, the University of Vienna which offers graduation and post-graduation courses in biology and biological chemistry.


  1.    Italy: The country of food and fashion is even a home to best biotech companies. Italy’s Milan is a hub of some of the best biotech firms and universities. The University of Milan offers biotech degree courses. Further, University of Modena offers post-graduation courses in industrial and medical biotechnology.


  1.    Spain: Barcelona Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona offer graduation and post-graduation courses in biotechnology. Country’s capital, Madrid is a home to many well-known research centers like the CNB, the CNIO, and the CNIC, with Politecnica de Madrid university offering bachelors and masters courses in biotechnology.


  1.    Switzerland: Switzerland’s ETH Zurich and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne offer graduate and post-graduation courses in biology.  Zurich is a home to some f the leading biotech firms, including SwissBiotech.


Fulfil your dream of becoming a competent and successful biotech professional by getting a degree from these leading European universities and get a chance to work in the top biotech companies of the world.

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