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The United States’ H1B Visa Clampdown Would be a ‘Blessing in Disguise’ for Canada

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US President’s proposed new law to cut down the number of H1-B visa entrants into the US is turning out to be a blessing in disguise for Canada.  In the wake of Trump’s strict immigration policies, the Canadian government, in no time, unveiled a fast-track visa programme, for the highly skilled workers that aim to shorten the work permit and visa application process to just to two weeks.

The Canadian Government’s Global Skills Strategy aims at boost innovation and economic growth by luring global talent through their fast-track visa process.  As per Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s minister for immigration, investment will follow once the county is able to tap the talent. “Investment will not come to Canada if the talent is not there, said the immigration minister. “It’s more successful than we predicted,” Canada’s immigration minister Ahmed Hussen said. “This programme came from the business community. They identified a challenge and said you need to fix it.” The resultant fast-track process poured 2000 best and bright workers to Canada. The country through its easy visa granting policy is bound to attract Indian workers trying to get US H1B visa, followed by the talented workforce from China and France.

With the United States’ restrictive approach for foreign workers, Canada’s current fast-track visa programme could reverse the situation that will attract more of talented foreign workers, which, at one time, flocked to the US. “We have seen a spike in talent coming from south to north for our companies”, says Yung Wu, CEO at tech incubator MaRS Discovery District. “They are reporting 3- to 40 % of their applicants coming from down south.’’

As a move to enhance innovation and economic growth, the government through the programme is going to invest millions of dollars into venture capital and support for artificial intelligence, getting private investors to invest in tech hub – Waterloo, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

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