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Customer Services : +91 8758 525252


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Tourist Visa

Why you need it?

A tourist visa is always required when you plan to visit a country for tourism purpose, to gaze the beauty it has and to feel it. A tourist visa is granted on the basis on many terms and conditions set by the country that you are planning to travel. An individual who is travelling on a tourist visa is not allowed to get involved in any sort of government activity of that country. Without a tourist visa, there is no chance that you can get into that country, is done so, strict actions are taken.

This visa has varied validities, depending on the purpose of one to visit that country. This visit can be for the purpose of tourism, visiting someone, a business trip, etc. Simply visiting for the purpose of tourism cannot let an individual get entertained for a visa of longer term.

Visitor Visa vs. Tourist Visa

A visitor visa is given to someone who has a relative, friend or a close one in the country that he/she is planning to travel to. The limit of this visa depends on the purpose of going and how rigid that purpose is. The rules and regulations that are applied to a tourist visa, are the same when it comes to a visitor visa. The person is solely a guest to that country, who is not at all able to participate in any governmental activity of that country.
A tourist visa is granted when your purpose of travelling is related to either tourism or business.

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